Marco Barbosa

A Brazilian front-end developer who mixes Simplicity with Passion.

Loves traveling

Lives in Sweden but travels often.

A genuine geek

Always following latest technologies.

Typical Brazilian

Friendly. Creative. Likes to barbecue.

Marco Barbosa (unphotoshoped!)

Selected Work
Site for the minima template release. (visit site)
Minima is an admin template for Joomla! 1.6 that gives a clean and more usable interface for the back-end. (visit site)
Joomla! template and site building made according to clients specifications and graphic profile. (visit site)
Joomla! portal with custom components and a large company directory. Made while working at (visit site)
Practical Tai Chi Chuan
Joomla! template with a new graphical identity to the Practical Tai Chi Chuan in Sweden. (visit site)
Joomla! template and logo for a swedish consulting company. (visit site)
Community website, logo and themes made with valid strict html and jqueryui for client's system. (visit site)
Estado de Excelência
Joomla! portal for a tv show featuring a large video database. (visit site)


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